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Holy Gardens of the Island of Patmos, Greece

Charis UK - May 2015


AA International Ltd reviewed an intervention on the Holy Island of Patmos designed to promote 'a balanced economic evolution of natural resource use throughout the island of Patmos to increase prosperity and living standards of the population'.

Final Evaluation of the Christian Aid-EC Food Facility Initiative Project 'Comprehensive Support to vulnerable families to increase their access to food facilities', Herat, Afghanistan

Christian Aid - January 2012


In 2012 AA International was contracted to undertake a final evaluation of this project.

Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission, Tajikistan

UN FAO - July-August 2011 and July 2009


Working with the MoA Tajikistan, FAO and the WFP, AA International undertook a Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission in Tajikistan during July-August 2011.



AA International was also part of the CFSAM during 2009, to estimate 2009 main season (winter and spring) cereal production and forecast the secondary (summer) season cereal crops. assess the overall food supply situation; and estimate cereal import requirements for the 2009/2010 marketing year (July/June).

Review of information needs and data flows for Crop and Food Supply Assessing, Tajikistan (UN FAO)

In June 2011, in Tajikistan, AA International undertook a mission to establish the basis for a policy and demand driven information system for the agricultural sector.

International Senior Monitor for Results Orientated Monitoring of Food Facility Operations of the Eurpean Commission

EPU-NTUA, ICCS Athens for the European Commission - February 2010-February 2011


A series of monitoring missions to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia which included the evaluation of 13 international NGO/agency projects.

Libya Green Mountain Project

Cyrene Declaration - Libya - February-March 2009


During 2009, AA International undertook work on Phase 1 preparation - Agriculture and Livestock Components of the Libya Green Mountain Project.

Regional Markets and Food Production in Central Asia and Caucasus

WFP - June-August 2008 and April-June 2008


AA International was contracted to undertake a review of the regional markets and food production in Central Asia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), during June-August 2008 and in Caucasus (Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia) in April-June 2008. 

FAO Guidelines for Crop and Food Security Supply Assessment Missions

UN FAO - August-October 2006


AA International staff rewrote the Agricultural chapters of these guidelines the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. 

These guidelines are produced by FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) and are used for Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions (CFSAMs) worldwide.

Download the guidelines from the FAO website here.

Improved Integration of Root and Tuber Crops in CFSAM Food Balance Sheets, Mozambique.

UN FAO - April-June 2006
Partner Organisations: Centre for Arid Zonal Studies (CAZS-NR), University of Wales, Bangor, UK


AA International carried out field work in order to develop a practical methodology for the rapid estimation of cassava yields for small-scale farming systems typical to Mozambique.

The assessing handbook that was produced for this work was published by FAO.