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  • Expertise Overview

Food Security

experts in rapid crop and livestock assessments
30 Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions for the United Nation’s FAO and WFP that include Somaliland, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique, Uganda and Tajikistan


unique rapid assessment tools
Developers of methodologies and Pictorial Evaluation Tools that improve the quality and speed of crop yield assessments at harvest time; livestock body condition scoring; or forage yield assessments

PET Training

in-country training
AA International, in conjunction with its sister organisation AgriTechTalk, provides in-country training in the PET methodology to agency, government or NGO staff field assessors


teaching functional numeracy skills
In partnership with AgriTechTalk, we have developed online learning courses in functional numeracy for professionals working in agriculture and food security

Monitoring & Evaluation

technical expertise and data collection
We have a long history of delivering expert technical project/programme M&E services. Our close partnership with AgriTechTalk also allows us to effectively conduct in-country data collection for M&E purposes

Technical Advice

We provide training and expert technical support to agriculture and food security projects in developing countries

Sustainable Energy

excellent renewables experience
Renewable energy consultancy services specialising in photovoltaics

Gross Margins

gross margin calculation
A series of gross margin calculation spreadsheets for crop and livestock enterprises, together with supporting training material