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Our mission is to support the improvement of food and energy security in poor and marginalized countries worldwide. The extensive experience of our staff and associates ensures that we deliver high quality technical expertise. We work with a range of organisations, including multilateral and bilateral agencies, as well as international and local NGO’s.


AA International Ltd is a private company dedicated to providing effective and timely agricultural advice and rural assessments for the promotion and better understanding of food and energy security in rural communities.

We bring together a range of expertise in the field of food security and agricultural development. In the past, we have supported consultancies in eastern Africa and Central Asia, as well as the Middle East. We have developed our own method of rapid crop/forage yield and livestock condition assessments, as well as training materials and tools that enable agricultural officers and smallholder farmers to assess their farm enterprise and improve their farm planning. We also provide expertise in sustainable energy, helping to deliver appropriate small-scale energy solutions for projects and communities in developing countries.

At present, we are a partner in the development of a new Drought and Flood Mitigation Service for Uganda, led by RHEA Group, where we are responsible for the collection of crop yield, livestock condition and farm business data for monitoring, evaluation and ground truthing purposes.

Our staff and associates have a broad range of global experience and skills that lend themselves to the design, management and appraisal of a diversity of agricultural/food security projects and programmes in developing countries.  We implement contracts following direct requests for our services or through winning competitive tenders.  


About Us

Who Are We?

We are a selection of hand picked experts in agriculture and energy from around the world.

Our Mission is...

...to improve food and energy security for people in developing countries.

Dr W I Robinson


We Can Offer

  • Experience

    We have successfully delivered projects and programmes globally since 2005

  • Global Network

    We have an extensive international network of experienced and respected staff and consultants

  • Quality of Delivery

    Our work has been praised and recognised by key staff of leading development agencies, organisations and governments