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AA International Ltd provides effective and sustainable agricultural, energy and rural assessments for the better understanding and promotion of food and energy security in developing countries.

AA International

AA International Ltd was created in 2005 by our founder, Dr Ian Robinson. We have a broad range of experience and skills in the design, management and appraisal of agricultural, food security and sustainable energy projects and programmes in developing countries.
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Dr W I Robinson


Our History

Drawing from over 40 years of experience...
...of on the ground project delivery on all continents, including working across hostile borders during times of conflict, we are rightly proud of our ability to develop bottom up solutions to help sustain and support rural populations.

Our Mission

To improve food and energy security for people in developing countries...
...and we are able to do this by empowering local villages, individual producers and farmers to understand the impact that their varying environmental conditions and fluctuating demands have on their productivity.

Dr Ian Robinson

A leader in his field...
...who was globally recognised and respected as a world expert in the improvement of crop and animal husbandry in arid, rural environments. As an individual his lifelong ambition was driven by a desire to share his knowledge at a local level, often providing ongoing help and support over decades to ensure positive results in the long term. His legacy included national agricultural colleges and curricula, as well as simple village rotational cropping programmes for improved land husbandry..
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